pages that I think were either wrongly deleted, or rightly deleted but easily improved, and could well be improved to meet the objections and then restored (Recheck, Se 24 back to Se 23, 2010_

recent miscEdit

  • Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Comparisons between Scots and Jews ; Comparisons between Scots and Jews deleted at afd Mar 4 09 deleted before given a chance to have people see it.
  • Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Artix Entertainment (4th nomination) " delete, despite assertions by DGG there are no independent sources here, and without third party sources we have neither independent verification nor evidence of notability. Scott Mac "
  • Ann Arbor (nonexistent person)
  • Controversies related to prevalence of Jews in leadership roles in Hollywood


people from AfDEdit

  • Brenda Biesterfeld (librarian)
  • Errol Sawyer (talk) (artist)

people otherwiseEdit

  • Charlotte Wyatt (ethics test case)
  • Randy Thomas (politician) (Illinois State Senate)


  • Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Charles H. Carpenter one of the major lawyers in the cases.


  • User:DGG/In Popular Culture deletions
  • Fictional age regression
  • Aircraft carriers in fiction
  • Classical music in popular culture
  • Fight Club in popular culture
  • NYU in popular culture
  • The Planets in popular culture
  • Sonic weaponry in popular culture
  • Swastikas in popular culture (failed Del Rev also, in Fe 07, on basis of " recent community consensus against "in popular culture" articles ")
  • Leopold and Loeb in popular culture
  • List of cultural references to Stephen King
  • Nighthawks in popular culture (the Hopper painting)
  • Casey Jones in popular culture


  • Ruined orgasm (merge into Erotic sexual denial)
  • Daddy's girl fetish
  • Forced bisexuality
  • Hair bondage
  • List of sexual slurs
  • Cleavage (anatomy)
  • Sportsheets


Fiction in general, including listsEdit

  • List of fictional governments
  • List of fictional companies
  • List of films depicting the future
  • Xenofiction
  • List of stock characters in comedy

specific fictionEdit

  • Mathematics in Futurama
  • Smallville timeline
  • EverQuest timeline
  • Weapons technology in the Honorverse , & Technology in the Honorverse, & List of regions of space in the Honorverse, & Honorverse concepts and terminology del. 19Apr09 by MBisantz
  • Treecat and List of Treecats deleted 19Apr09
  • Reverend Henry Kane (Poltergeist)
  • List of Beloved characters

specific charactersEdit

character listsEdit

  • Miscellaneous characters of Command & Conquer
  • Beloved (novel) characters

academic people & thingsEdit

  • Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Michael Charles Edwards plastic surgeon, high citations
  • Duke University faux sex thesis controversy

publications & publishersEdit

  • GK Hall & Company
  • List of academic conferences
  • Nature network
  • Resources for College Libraries
  • Category:Psychology literature
  • Category:Serials, periodicals and journals
  • E-Century Publishing Corporation
  • Dissertation Abstracts International
  • Economy and Entrepreneurship (journal)
  • Signs (International Journal of Semiotics)


  • List of political parties by ideology
  • List of families(biology)
  • List of erroneous newspaper headlines


  • Paul Booth (SDS activist)


  • Williamsburg oil spill
  • List of streets in Brooklyn


  • Old Colony Mennonite School


  • Kopyś Castle


  • Evolution of the human diet
  • Intellectuals and Nazism
  • List of families (biology)