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I focus on Wiktionary, with only a rare edit here on Wikipedia. Please don't use these pages to contact me. Instead, go to wiktionary:User:Connel MacKenzie or leave me a message on wiktionary:User talk:Connel MacKenzie. Thanks!

While the rare edit I do on Wikipedia is invariably Wiktionary-related, the majority of what I use this account for, is User:CopyToWiktionaryBot cleanup. While I do expect most of those edits to result in deletion, I get rather annoyed when actual encyclopedic content is whacked. (But usually, I don't notice, since I'm there and not here.) Since I spend less and less time "over the wall," the curious gradual changes of Wikipedia seem quite extreme to me...the deletionist/inclusionst pendulum is particularly difficult to guess at. (As the saying goes...just wait a month and all will be opposite again.) To a comparative outsider such as myself, Wikipedia (June, 2007,) seems like a valiant defender of hypocrisy...fighting to keep non-encyclopedic advertising crap that promotes companies and television shows, while mercilessly deleting any stub if it shows even the slightest promise of broaching an intellectual topic.

On irc:// I can often be found with the nick "Connel" or "SomeWiktAdmin".

Some /Primetime stuff.

Prior to various template edit wars and vandalism, the Babel template above looked something like this:

en This user is a native speaker of Engrish.
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