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I am a member of WikiProject Maps. I specialize in maps of islands. I currently go to TJHSST, and as a result I have a lot more homework than I used to. Because of this I'm on wikibreak until June, though I still occaisonally make minor edits here and there, especially in Computer Science and Mathematics articles.

FlamingSilmaril can now verifiably add me to his list of wikipedia users who go to TJ, even though he's known I go there since, well, he saw me on the bus on the first day of school. Except we can't just ignore WP:OR, can we? Oh right, that's what WP:IGNORE is for. :p

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A few words on Linux versus WindowsEdit

Nota Bene: Just because I use Debian doesn't mean I agree with their position on "Free Software". To the contrary, I think the belief that unless something is licensed under the GPL it's infringing on your freedom is absurd.

A lot of Linux users believe that Windows is evil, a bad OS, and that Linux is entirely superior. The simple fact is that there is extremely strong empirical proof that Windows is, in fact, not entirely worse than Linux. Windows has an enormous market share on consumer PCs. It is arguable that this is due to the fact that most OEMs preinstall it, but even on many builds created from parts by end users Windows is the operating system that is most often installed.

This does not mean that Windows is better than Linux. I prefer Linux because I like to work in the command line, and I like the fact that there are lots of compilers and programming language implementations available for it. I still use Windows some, however, and it cannot be debated that aside from operating systems Microsoft's products are almost always top quality. For example, Microsoft Office is in my mind entirely superior to, which I merely tolerate.

I may use Debian GNU/Linux, but I would never say that Windows is a bad OS. Linux is actually hard to install for most people, and many more are simply confused by the large number of distributions and desktop environments available. A lot of people think that Linux is a single OS, and the fact that it is not is unendingly bewildering to inexperienced computer users.

I hope this essay isn't in violation of WP:NOT, since it seems so much like a blog post or soapbox.