Born September 15, 1984

Born: Port Hueneme, CA

Chinese Asian, Mexican, American

Years Active 1989-Present

Associated Acts

Martha Davis & The Motels

Industria Del Amor & Princepe 1994-1995

Enrique Gomez 1994-95

Various Local Artists 1989-Present

Hexcercist 2000-Present

Music Genre: Rock, Industrial, Hip Hop, Street Rock

Current Label: SatanicDog Records LLC. 2003-Present

Flow Entertainment 2003-Present

Kevin Simonett-Present

The Eno 2000-2010

Debut Album: Twisted Links 2011

New Ep Release-Chulz-The Reset 2021 Love gone rabid as it beats you with broken trust, you will say "that's what I'm talking about" mfrs, a bloody bruised mess, an awakening documented in song, "The caterpillar with broken legs will march on" Debut Album Twisted Links 2011 ©