CatatonicStupor (aka Alex) (Born September 141989, Rhondda, South Wales) is a student at Cardiff University. He previously attended Treorchy Comprehensive School and Treorchy Primary School.


Currently, CatatonicStupor works at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, to fund his way through University. He is studying Spanish, Italian and Catalan at degree level with the aim of becoming a teacher or a lecturer in one of these languages. He has two years remaining of his degree.


CatatonicStupor spends much of his time playing bass, or video games.

His favourite games include the Final Fantasy series, and many role playing games. He grew up with a SNES and learnt his gameplay skills on games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario World.

He is a fan of many Asian films, such as Battle Royale and Casshern. He has developed a love of anime through his life, from shows including Hellsing and Pokemon. He also enjoys films from Latin America such as Machuca and Y tu mamá también.


CatatonicStupor contributes to both English Wikipedia and Welsh Wikipedia. Articles by him include:

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