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Alamannic warrior of the 7th century with ango, shield and sax

Bullenwächter was born in Lindau im Bodensee (Lake Constance) now living in Halstenbek near Hamburg in Northern Germany. His hobbies are motorcycling, beekeeping, reeanctment and very early firearms. User Bullenwächter is particularly interested in Archaeology and finds of bog bodies. Since May 2012 he assists a Wikipedia:GLAM collaboration with Archaeological Museum Hamburg.

Personal PagesEdit

GLAM KooperationEdit

 This user is interested in helping with GLAM projects.

Since May 2012 I have been hosting a de:Wikipedia:GLAM-Cooperation with Archäologisches Museum Hamburg with the result of more than 25 articles on the Germand and some articles in other language versions of the Wikipedia.

Archaeological Bog FindsEdit

My main focus of inertest are archaeological bog finds and especially bog bodies. I try to improve the corresponding articles. Therfore I've created an extensive private Library. I'm trying to collect all the available literature on the individual finds, including all early publications. In overview on all available literature often a much more nuanced images on the finds and complexes can be yield than by soley recoursing the current literature only.


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