Hello, bubka here! I like the wikipedia, and though I'm mostly a reader, I occassionally add a thing or two here and there. As of October 2008, I'm pursuing a major in statistics, and is in my junior year in college. My side interests include movies, music, and chocolate to name a few.

You can learn more on my publice profile in Orkut: [1]

UPDATE: (24/5/2013) The above link just induced a facepalm from me. But guess I was that silly four-and-a-half years back. Here is the current link to my public profile (now on facebook): [2].

UPDATE: (31/5/2013) I've decided to organise this page a little.

About MeEdit

I've been around here for a pretty long time, though I'm considering active participation only very recently. My diverse interests include (but are not limited to, to borrow a neat if oft-used phrase) - with big initials for pomp - Mathematics (Discrete, Set Theory, Algebra), Computer Science, Logic (Digital, Propositional, First Order, Ontology, Fuzzy), Coding (C++, Python, R, Client-side, Server-side), Cinema (Arthouse, Avant-garde, Deadpan, New Wave, Neorealist, Screwball, Expressionist, Surrealist, Dogme), Literature (Classics, Nonsense, Poetry, Science Fiction, Farce, High Fantasy, Historical), History, Mythology, Languages, Linguistics, Music (Classical, Folk, Country, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Fusion), Philosophy (Marxist, Existentialist, Dadaist, Pataphysics), Sports (Tennis, Soccer, Chess, Golf, Test Cricket), and Fiction Writing. Of course, among these, the depth of my knowledge and reading widely varies, but articles connecting to any of the above would be of interest to me.

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