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Bozmo is somebody called Andrew Cates. I have been on WP since April 2004, have passed ten thousand edits and been an admin since Jan 2007. I am old for a Wikipedian, have three kids and a PhD, and was a research fellow in engineering at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. I was responsible for starting the Trinity Mallard saga. I served as an external board member of the Cambridge University Audit Committee 2010-2013 and now work in a College. My life is slowly appearing through the mist as google scholar works backwards into history, but on citations my dozen serious papers [1] lag in notability behind my father ([2]), my brother ([3]), my other brother ( [4]) and even my wife .... I downshifted in 2004 from a serious career (including three years in Abidjan) in oil to help AIDS Orphans. I worked from 2004-2013 (part time as CEO) for the charity SOS Children.


In Myers Briggs terms I am ENTP. If you want to know more and see what I look like I am the one on the right in this video. [5]