Hi. I've been on here since the mid-2000's. I am not an administrator. I have such editorial priviledges as the administration has pleased to grant. Often I have been quite active, and at other times inactive. During my inactive period I chose to put you off with the nickname of Branigan. The user Branigan was already off WP. My nickname did not link to my User Page, which is now against the rules. My latest signatures are under botteville.

Formerly my user page went into the philosophy of WP. Currently I am disinclined to do that, and also I think it distracting to include personal information. I'm here on some of these articles if you would like to communicate with me. If you need help, I suggest beginning with a search on help:topic. If you are more advanced search the template section with template:name. Wikipedia changes a lot, including the help and the templates. A topic is usually found in multiple places, so be persistant.

You will encounter many situations on WP but you will also find many resources. Probably the most fundamental courtesy is, have a reason for every change you make, and state it up front. WP recommends you be aggressive. On the other hand don't get overly stubborn and possessive. Most people want to help. People can be almost unboundedly altruistic. There are some participants at any level who intend the opposite or are entirely motivated by their own agenda. All I can say is, don't get discourged. WP does have a guideline, which serves to some degree as a rule book if conflicts arise. Most topics are referenced by a code stated as a link.

Enjoy your WP editing.Botteville (talk) 17:37, 14 November 2014 (UTC)

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