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Audioboss ProjectsEdit

April 12, 2020 - I will be expanding and contributing 10 - 15 illustrations and images for Filipino Revolutionary generals. I also bought several rare books about Philippine History- Philippine Revolution and Philippine American War for further addition to the table and more inclusion to the list.


Categorical Works:

Filipino Revolutionary generals and leaders of 1896 and Phil-Am WarEdit

I have new source materials to help me in me in my edits and research about Filipino Revolutionary generals and leaders of 1896 and Phil-Am War. I am also slowly updating and adding portraits and conceptualized images of the people in the list based on historical images and or modeled illustrations for those that have no public or historical photos available, The following names have been included in the list:

  • Elias Angeles
  • Eduardo Calceta
  • Braulio Flores
  • Feliciano Jocson
  • Payat Lucino
  • Roman Manalang
  • Mauro Ortiz
  • Bernabe Reyes
  • Emilio Verdeflor
  • Aniceto Oruga

Lito MayoEdit

I have few edits and add updates for for Lito Mayo entry. New articles have been published and probably new scanned art works for the gallery will be added.

Prehistoric IllustrationsEdit

I will be expanding my original illustrations to add to new species of animals

Cult of PersonalityEdit

These are illustrations and expansions of information for famous people that have little information in their excerpt.

Mario Torelli Vital Alsar