I will come right out and say that I have a very obvious bias. That said, my earnest intention here is to share my knowledge in the most honest and objective way that I can. You'll find me working on articles for European and North American communist organizations, but I also have a few specialized interests in physics, sociology, and ADHD-related topics. I am trying to challenge myself by remaining objective here about topics that I am clearly biased about. I think it's going pretty well, but I appreciate all well-meaning feedback about my edits and article creations.

I understand that my candor in revealing this might work against me if I ever consider a RfA. That's okay. For the time, being, I am not interested in becoming an admin. But even if I eventually do consider it, I feel that this openness is clearly beneficial to the Wiki community. All Wikipedians have biases because all Wikipedians are human (except for the bots I suppose). I will have personal opinions that shape my approaches and actions regardless of whether or not I choose to share them here. The key is understanding what Wikipedia is and what Wikipedia is not.

I also work on translating articles from Norwegian into English. This keeps me grounded (so that I'm not constantly involved in political edits), helps diversify my contributions to the community (so that I'm working on something that more than just a few Wikipedians want), and helps me practice my Norwegian.


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Things that keep me up at nightEdit

Trolling Archimedes:The length of one hypotenuse is always less than the sum of the lengths of its two legs. The sum of the lengths of two segments of a hypotenuse is always less than the sum of the lengths of the four legs. As the number of hypotenuse segments approaches infinity, the sum of the lengths of hypotenuses does not converge to the sum of the length of all its legs! WHY NOT?!

Answer: Because infinity is a lie (but that doesn't help me fall asleep)

The Treadmill of Production: Eco-economic decoupling has been proven to be a myth. Climate change is clearly the result of today's society's mode of production and nothing less than radically altering the nature of production will mitigate it. Why do the authors who proved it oppose revolution?

Answer: Because while reality determines empirical data, class determines ideology. Even spookier than not knowing.