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I play chess, do school, and even edit Wikipedia from time to time

Awhile ago, my username was Arts.Bran., but I forgot my password. Unfortunately, without that password, I can't prove it was mine.

If I accidentally broke the rules, tell me. Don't tell Arts.Bran.

I was working on Mark Alpert, but it's not notable enough.[1]

Currently, the Spy School Series, and Stuart Gibbs looks like a good topic to help on. Also the article 'Goal'.

One day, I hope to make an article into featured status![citation needed]

If you want to help, [or some other reason that implies you go to the talk page], go to my talk page, and comment at the bottom.

I added something to the BJAODN website.... so this is proof (because I couldn't log in). Maybe I played around with Wikipedia too much. There should be a guide on making new content for people who aren't able to find it.

Nevertheless hi to everyone!

To do
  1. Go to Special:Random
  2. Does it need improvement?
    1. Yes: Improve it
    2. No: Go to another random page
      1. If "No" 42 times, you win
Do something on Wikipedia that's more helpful than of edits
Do something cool with subpages when i've contributed enough (~1 000 000 bytes)
expand to do list

Badges (look good but don't really mean much):

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