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{{TemplateBox |name=Autoarchive resolved section

The syntax is mostly similar to that of template de:Vorlage:Autoarchiv-Erledigt. For the target (archive) only its current is valid. This type of archiving is done by SpBot (not by MiszaBot).

|namespace= |usergroup=all |placement= |usage-notes=The use of the template works only in combination with the Template:Section resolved. The "standard" archiving by MiszaBot can be used in parallel.

It does not matter where the template "Section resolved" is placed. It will always refers to the last/previous heading of the section to be archived.

To quickly use a standard setup to archive your user talk page, see Template:Autoarchive resolved section/usertalksetup. |type=archive bot initialization template |example= |i18n-method=switch |i18n-desc= |i18n-mediawiki-msg= |seealso= |setscats= |lines=multi |shorthand= |relieson=

|1=age |1stat=required |1d=Parameter "age" defines the required age of the the template "Section resolved" in days. After this amount of days the section will be archived.

|2=archive |2stat=required |2d=You can use variables in your archive-parameter as listed below.

Example: archive=Commons:Village pump/Archive/((year))((month:short)) |3=overview |3stat=optional- |3d=The parameter "overview" can be used to display a link to the location of the archive page. Example code: overview=[[Wikipedia:Redaktion Chemie/Archiv]] Results in: For the archive overview, see Wikipedia:Redaktion Chemie/Archiv. An alternative to this parameter is the use of Template:Archive box.

|4=latest archive |4stat=optional- |4d=The parameter "latest archive" can be used to display a link to the current archive. Example code: latest archive=[[Commons:Forum/Archiv/2011/October]] Results in: The latest archive is located under Commons:Forum/Archiv/2011/October.

|5=show |5stat=optional |5def=yes |5d=The parameter "show" defines if the template should display anything or not: show=yes or show=no. This parameter can be used if the template is used on a page which has an own intro explaining the archiving parameters.

|6=level |6def=2 |6stat=optional |6d=Parameter "level" defines which heading level should be archived. Deeper heading levels are treated as part of the specified level.

== talk page section level II ==
Such a heading is level 2.
==== talk page section level IV ====
Such a heading is level 4.

|7=timecompare |7def=empty |7stat=optional |7d=This parameter specifies which timestamp should be used for distribution into the archives. In the parameter "archive" you can use variables refering to the date. "timecompare" defines which timestamp is used for this parameter "archive".

  • timecompare = resolved: Timestamp given by {{Section resolved}}
  • Any other value or empty: the latest timestamp of the whole section

Example: de:Wikipedia Diskussion:Hauptseite/Artikel des Tages/Vorschläge (sorry, this is the only known page yet) }}

"Archive" parameter variablesEdit

You can use the following variables in your archive-parameter:

variable meaning
((year)) year e.g. 2020
((month:long)) full monthname e.g. February
((month:short)) short monthname e.g. Feb
((month:##)) month as two digits e.g. 02
((week)) week date as a number e.g. 15, 4 (per ISO 8601/DIN 1355-1)
((week:##)) week date as a two digits e.g. 15, 04 (per ISO 8601/DIN 1355-1)
((day:##)) day of month as two digits e.g. 31, 07
((quarter)) quarter e.g. 3
((quarter:##)) quarter as two digits e.g. 03
((quarter:i)) quarter as lowercase Roman numerals e.g. iii
((quarter:I)) quarter as uppercase Roman numerals e.g. III
((half-year)) half-year e.g. 2
((half-year:i)) half-year as lowercase Roman numeral e.g. ii
((half-year:I)) half-year as uppercase Roman numeral e.g. II
((FULLPAGENAME)) The namespace + page name of the current page. Same as {{FULLPAGENAME}}, but with normal brackets.

Example: archive=Commons:Village pump/Archive/((year))((month:short))


⧼seealso⧽: Template:Autoarchive resolved section/usertalksetup

The following example is derived from the archiving setup of Wikipedia:Redaktion Chemie. All marked/tagged sections with level 2 (that is ==) will be archived seven days after placement of Template:Section resolved. The archive is at Wikipedia:Redaktion Chemie/Archiv. The archiving will be done to Wikipedia:Redaktion Chemie/Archiv/2007/Januar if the first comment in this section was made in January.

{{Autoarchive resolved section

That will look similarly to:

Filing cabinet icon.svg
SpBot archives all sections tagged with {{Section resolved|1=~~~~}} after 7 days. For the archive overview, see Archive/. The latest archive is located at Archive/2013.

Signature formatEdit

The date and time part of the signature are important for recognition of the timestamp. The default format specified by MediwWiki is sufficient (11:55, 28. May 2020 (UTC)). It corresponds to the following structure:

{{subst:LOCALTIME}}, {{subst:LOCALDAY}}. {{subst:LOCALMONTHABBREV}} {{subst:LOCALYEAR}} (UTC)

Other formats are not supported.

Error listsEdit

Talk pages containing errors in their main templates or {{Section resolved}} are shown in the following lists and on the corresponding talk page.