Urrbrae Agricultural High School

Urrbrae Agricultural High School is a public high school in the Australian state of South Australia, with approximately 1,016 students. The school is located in the Adelaide suburb of Netherby, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south-east of the Adelaide city centre. It is adjacent to the Waite Agricultural Research Institute of the University of Adelaide, the CSIRO Agricultural Research facilities in the suburb of Urrbrae, and various other agricultural and horticultural facilities established by Peter Waite, the University of Adelaide, and the South Australian state government.

Urrbrae Agricultural High School
505 Fullarton Road, Netherby

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Coordinates34°57′56″S 138°37′32″E / 34.965473°S 138.625595°E / -34.965473; 138.625595 (Urrbrae Agricultural High School)Coordinates: 34°57′56″S 138°37′32″E / 34.965473°S 138.625595°E / -34.965473; 138.625595 (Urrbrae Agricultural High School)
TypeSecondary school
Established1913; 108 years ago (1913)
PrincipalJoslyn Fox
EnrolmentApprox. 1,058
Colour(s)Green, yellow and maroon

The school is designated as a Special Interest School in Agriculture and the Environment, and is the only comprehensive special interest agricultural secondary school in South Australia.[1] Its courses are strongly focused on agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, aquaculture, environmental aspects of the earth, and other environmental subjects. In those aspects, it awards certificates. Urrbrae also has a strong science and technology background, with extensive technology workshops, and many related courses available to students; (e.g. environmental technology and automotive technology). It also offers education programs for adults, and houses a TAFE campus.

Urrbrae Agricultural High School has an application process for students in Year 7 who wish to attend Urrbrae in their secondary school years. Unlike most public schools, Urrbrae is not part of the zonal system, and does not necessarily accept students based on where they live; being the only comprehensive special interest agricultural secondary school in the State, it has students from all over the state. Students from country and distant areas often board locally, and many students travel long distances to school.

The campus includes a 35 hectare farm, (total size including farm, wetland, school and TAFE is 45 hectares) and year 10 Urrbrae students give tours to visiting students from other schools. Urrbrae also has a swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, grass tennis courts, asphalt tennis courts and playing fields. A large corner of the site has been turned into a wetland, which is open to other schools to visit..


The school was founded in 1913 through a bequest from Peter Waite, (a South Australian pastoralist and public benefactor), as a school to teach agriculture to boys. In 1972 it enrolled its first two female students, and in 2002 it achieved its first year-level that was equally represented by both genders.

The Urrbrae Old Scholars Association was established in 1934.


A Administration facilities, library and the TAFE
B Student Services, Computer room B-North and B-South, the Study/Detention hall and IT support
C Society and Environment classes
D Arts Block
E English classes
G Mathematics classes
H The School Hall/Drama Classroom – used for performances, special occasions, etc.
J Business studies and Special education
K Health, Home Economics, Physical Education facilities and the gymnasium (used for assemblies)
L Agriculture Classrooms
M Agriculture and Science Laboratories
N Canteen, Cafeteria and Staff Room
P Technology Workshops
Q Metal Technology workshops and TAFE classrooms
W Western Spine – Facilities such as toilets, year 8 and 9 lockers and some offices.
Y Senior School Centre
Z Media Block


The UAHS farm is a 35 hectare farm which has many enterprises, including:

  • Sheep
  • Cattle
  • Poultry
  • Aquaculture (such as Barramundi and Yabbies)
  • Horses
  • Orchard
  • Bees
  • Alpacas
  • Marsupial Area (including native Australian animals, such as Wallabies, nocturnal species, lizards and snakes)
  • Goats
  • Vineyard (Wine is produced)
  • Olive trees
  • An extensive Wetland
  • Pigs

The Year 10, 11 and 12 students are involved in wine making, and with parental permission, are allowed to sample their own wine. Students are also able to make other produce, like butter and yoghurt, through Agriculture Studies courses. These include practical lessons during the week, where students are able to participate in hands-on activities in all the different enterprises at the school. Activities include grooming and caring for the animals, and making butter, olive oil, and dried fruit from the school orchard and vineyard. In Year 8, students undertake a "Home Project" where they care for an animal or a plant, and record their experiences. Students also make vegetable gardens (silver-beet, carrots, cabbages, beetroot, broccoli, olive trees, cauliflower etc.), and are permitted to take home or sell the produce they grow.

There are many lunch time clubs for students, with one for nearly every enterprise on the farm, including poultry, horses, plants and bee-keeping. Although club membership is voluntary, these clubs have high participation rates.


The UAHS shirt – unisex
The UAHS jumper – unisex
  • Dress – Green Urrbrae dress[2]
  • Skirt – Green Urrbrae skirt[2]
  • Shorts – Grey shorts
  • Trousers – Grey trousers or bone moleskins
  • Blouse – White with Urrbrae logo
  • Blazer/Jacket – Green Urrbrae jumper of various styles
  • Tights/Stockings/Pantyhose – Plain black or skin colour – no leggings[3]
  • Socks – Black or white[3]
  • Footwear – Black leather shoes with no stripes or logos and matching laces or black/brown work boots
  • Scarf – Bottle green or Maroon
  • Trousers – Grey trousers or bone moleskins
  • Shorts – Grey shorts
  • Socks – White or black
  • Shirt – Green Urrbrae shirt with yellow logo
  • Blazer/Jacket – Green Urrbrae jumper of various styles
  • Footwear – Black shoes, no logos or stripes
  • Hat – Green Bucket Hat[4]
Show Uniform
  • Shirt – Grey, available on loan
  • Trousers – Bone moleskin
  • School tie – available on loan
Physical Education
  • Shirt – Red with green stripes
  • Shorts – Black gym shorts
  • Shoes – White soled
Agriculture Uniform

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