Uranienborg, Norway

Coordinates: 59°55′20.40″N 10°43′7.50″E / 59.9223333°N 10.7187500°E / 59.9223333; 10.7187500

Uranienborg is a neighborhood in the borough of Frogner in Oslo, Norway.

Map of Uranienborg, c.1900
Uranienborg park with spire of Uranienborg Church


Originally a rural area in the former municipality Aker, it was incorporated into Christiania city in 1859. The property used to have a wonderful view, and it was therefore named after the famous observatory Uranienborg at the island of Ven. It received public transport with the Briskeby Line. From 1988 to 2004 it formed the borough Uranienborg-Majorstuen together with Majorstuen; in 2004 it was incorporated into Frogner borough.[1]

It includes Roald Amundsen's Home, the home of polar explorer Roald Amundsen during 1908 to 1928, which is now a historic site and tourist attraction.

Uranienborg ParkEdit

Uranienborg is the site of Uranienborgparken, the park where Uranienborg Church is located. The park contains a bronze statue of the Lutheran church reformer Hans Nielsen Hauge. The church is noted for its interior design by architect Arnstein Arneberg and for its stained glass by the artist Emanuel Vigeland.[2]


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