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The Upper Aulaqi Sheikhdom (Arabic: مشيخة العوالق العلياMashyakhat al-‘Awālaq al-‘Ulyā) was a state in the British Aden Protectorate, the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South, and its successor, the Federation of South Arabia. Its capital was Sa'id. The area of the former state is now central part of the Shabwah Governorate of the Republic of Yemen.

Upper Aulaqi Sheikhdom
مشيخة العوالق العليا
State of the Federation of South Arabia

18th century–1967
Location of Upper Aulaqi Sheikhdom
Map of the Federation of South Arabia
Capital Sa'id
Government Sheikhdom
Historical era 20th century
 •  Established 18th century
 •  Disestablished 1967



The Lower Aulaqi sultans separated from the Upper Aulaqi in the 18th century and the Upper Aulaqi sheikhs of Said made themselves gradually independent from the Upper Aulaqi Sultanate of Nisab during the same period. In the late 19th century, the area came under British influence and eventually the Upper Aulaqi Sheikhdom became a constituent of the Aden Protectorate. It was a founding member of the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South in 1959 and its successor, the Federation of South Arabia, in 1963.

The last sheikh, Amir Abd Allah ibn Muhsin al Yaslami Al Aulaqi, was deposed on 28 August 1967 and his state was abolished in November 1967 upon the founding of the People's Republic of South Yemen.[1]


The rulers of the Upper Aulaqi Sheikhdom bore the title Shaykh al-Mashyakha al-`Awlaqiyya al-`Ulya.[2]


  • ..... - .... Amir Daha
  • .... - .... Amir Yaslam ibn Daha
  • .... - .... Amir `Ali ibn Yaslam
  • .... - .... Amir `Amm Dayb ibn `Ali al-Yaslami al-`Awlaqi
  • .... - .... Amir Ruways ibn `Amm Dayb al-Yaslami al-`Awlaqi
  • .... - .... Amir Nasir ibn Ruways al-Yaslami al-`Awlaqi
  • 1871? - 2 Jun 1883 Amir Farid ibn Nasir al-Yaslami al-`Awlaqi
  • 1883 - 1890 Amir Ruways ibn Farid al-Yaslami al-`Awlaqi
  • 1890 - Jul 1902 Amir `Amm Rassas ibn Farid al-Yaslami al-`Awlaqi
  • 1902 - 1959 Amir Muhsin ibn Farid al-Yaslami al-`Awlaqi
  • 1959 - 28 Aug 1967 Amir `Abd Allah ibn Muhsin al-Yaslami al-`Awlaqi

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