The University of Toliara is historically the oldest center for higher education, founded in 1971 after the decentralization of the University of Madagascar center. The university campus is located in Maninday 5 km east of the city of Toliara, the capital of Atsimo-Andrefana on the southwest side of Madagascar. This university teaches Humanities and Social Science, Science, Philosophy, and Management (the latter located next to the Cedratom).

Université de Toliara
ChancellorDr Andriamanantena Razafiharison[1]

The university operates the CEDRATOM Museum.

Faculties and Institutions edit

University of Toliara
Maninday Campus
  • Ecole Normale Superieur (ENS)
  • Insitut Superieur Technologique (IST)
  • IHSM
  • Faculte de Lettres
  • Faculte de Biologie

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