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In the U.S. state of Oregon, enforcement of local, state, and federal law on public university property is delegated to a number of security, public safety, and police agencies.

Public institutions in Oregon may elect to form campus police. The University of Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University, and Portland State University have armed police departments. Other universities employ Public Safety Officers (with limited police powers) and security officers, or contract with other police agencies to provide services.[1]


Statutory authority and trainingEdit


OHSU Police Badge

Senate Bill 405, passed into law on June 23, 2011, states: "The State Board of Higher Education may, at the request of a public institution under its control, authorize the institution to establish a police department and commission one or more employees as police officers. A police department established under this section has all of the authority and immunity of a municipal police department of this state."[2]

OHSU Police patch

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 352.385 provides for the commissioning and training of Special Campus Security Officers at Oregon's public universities. These officers are given probable cause arrest authority and "Stop and Frisk" authority under Oregon law. However, they are excluded from the definition of "police" or "peace officer" for the purposes of some Oregon statutes.[3]

ORS 353.050 provides for similar commissioning of officers at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). OHSU's officers are statutorily known as University Police Officers, carry firearms, and are considered police for all Oregon statutes.[4] OHSU Police Officer's attend the Basic Police Academy in Salem, Oregon. OHSU Police is the primary law enforcement agency for the jurisdictional boundaries of the Marquam Hill and South Waterfront Campuses.[5]

Cooperative agreements and mutual aidEdit

All of Oregon's campus agencies have formal or informal mutual aid agreements with local police agencies.[citation needed]

Several campuses have chosen to formally contract police services to supplement the work of their Public Safety Officers. Oregon State University has a contracted detachment of the Oregon State Police on campus, while the University of Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland State University have established independent campus police departments.[6]

University of Oregon Police DepartmentEdit

University of Oregon Police Department
Patches of The University of Oregon Police Department.
Badges of the University of Oregon Police Department.
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionOregon, U.S.
PopulationOver 30,000
Legal jurisdictionState of Oregon
Primary governing bodyUniversity of Oregon
Secondary governing bodyOregon University System
General nature
HeadquartersWest Station: 1319 E 15th Ave Eugene, OR 97403 & East Station: 2141 E 15th Ave Eugene, OR 97403

Police Officers90+ total staff
Agency executive
  • Matt Carmichael, Chief
Parent agencyUniversity of Oregon

The University of Oregon Police Department is the law enforcement agency for the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, United States. The department has state police powers to enforce all state laws and university rules, with primary jurisdiction involving the University of Oregon campus. UOPD has more than 90 staff and is increasing in size along with the rapidly growing university, which currently has over 23,000 students.[1]

Statutory authority and trainingEdit


Effective June 23, 2011, the State of Oregon legislature approved a bill allowing public universities within the state to create their own police forces. Prior to this legislation, limited authority "public safety departments" were the only option for universities in Oregon. With the new legislation public universities may govern over full powered police agencies to protect university property and surrounding areas. On June 21, 2013 the Oregon State Board of Higher Education voted to allow UOPD officer to carry firearms on duty. The officers had previously been required to be trained and certified to use firearms, but were not permitted to carry on the job. The ability to carry firearms allows the department to respond to all calls, and require less assistance from other area police agencies.[7]

About the DepartmentEdit

UOPD operates from two different stations located on the University of Oregon campus. The department works with Eugene Police Department officers, making a partnership between the two agencies. Officers are on-duty 365 days a year and provide immediate response to all types of calls for service to include emergency situations and critical incidents.

Department Structure

  • Office of the Chief and Executive Director
  • Patrol Team
  • Safe Campus Team
  • Office of Administration
  • Office of Parking and Transportation
  • Office of Security

Ranks & Personnel

Title Insignia Personnel
Chief Pete Deshpande
Lieutenant Brandon Lebrecht (Administrative Lieutenant), Alice Cary (Patrol Lieutenant), Don Morris (Professional Standards and Training Lieutenant)
Sergeant Scott Clark, Scott Greeting, Jason Wade, Glen Kostiuk
Detective Sergeant Kathy Flynn
Police Officer
Public Safety Officer *Limited Arrest Authority
Security Officer *Non Sworn



University of Oregon Department of Public Safety Vehicles

Campus PatrolEdit

The University and surrounding neighborhood is patrolled by UOPD Officers regularly throughout both day and night.

Bicycle Patrols

Bicycles provide a quick response to emergencies while patrolling campus because of their ability to maneuver through pedestrian traffic and areas that vehicles can't easily reach.

Foot Patrols

UOPD Officers and Community Service Officers conduct regular foot patrols in buildings and around campus, daily. The focus of these patrols is building security, personal safety of students and staff, and to maintain an active presence throughout the campus to deter crime.

Vehicle Patrols

Officers in vehicles patrol campus parking lots and streets throughout the day and night. UOPD utilizes marked and unmarked cars, as well as trucks and ATVs.

Special Event Patrols

University of Oregon Police focuses its efforts on providing a safe and secure environment to all patrons at University of Oregon Duck football games and other Pac-12 athletic events. During the November 6, 2010, UO vs. University of Washington football game 117 patrons were ejected from the venue, the majority for alcohol violations and or disorderly conduct.[9]


University Police officers attend the standard 16-week police academy in Salem.[10] All police officers receive equivalent training to their city, county and state police counterparts.

Interaction with studentsEdit

Generally, campus police officers have greater flexibility than their municipal counterparts when dealing with university students. Student judicial and conduct codes allow for dealing with minor drug, alcohol, and vandalism charges outside the legal system. This gives the University the option of seeing that minor infractions do not become a criminal record for the student. [6]

Public Safety Officer


Vehicle Type Notes Picture
Ford Crown Victoria Cruiser
Chevrolet Tahoe Patrol SUV
Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Cruiser  
Ford F150 Events, Patrol, and Parking Enforcement  

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