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The University of Curaçao mr. dr. Moises Frumencio da Costa Gomez,[1] formerly University of The Netherlands Antilles (UNA; Dutch: Universiteit van de Nederlandse Antillen), is the state university of Curaçao. It is a public university, graduating approximately three hundred students per year. The quality and level of the program are similar to those in the Netherlands. All programs provided at the university are accredited by The Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie (NVAO).

University of Curaçao
Universiteit van Curaçao
Universidat di Kòrsòu
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Former names
University of the Netherlands Antilles, Antillean College of Technology, College of the Netherlands Antilles, College of Law
MottoPursuing excellence in values, knowledge, and skills
EndowmentANG20 million
RectorDr. Francis B.G. de Lanoy
Academic staff
Administrative staff
12°09′25″N 68°57′40″W / 12.157°N 68.961°W / 12.157; -68.961Coordinates: 12°09′25″N 68°57′40″W / 12.157°N 68.961°W / 12.157; -68.961


The University of Curaçao has existed in its present form since 1973. Its history, however, dates back to 1970, the year in which the Law College of the Netherlands Antilles was established by a national decree dated October 6, 1970 (O.B. 1970 no. 1130), to prepare students to take the LL.B. Antillean Law exam. The Law College became the College of the Netherlands Antilles in 1974, after a degree program in Business Administration was established. The Department of Business Administration was changed into the Department of Business Administration and Public Administration in 1977, after which students could also obtain a bachelor's degree in Public Administration. Finally, with the foundation of the UNA in 1979 by a national decree dated 12 January 1979 (O.B. 1979 no. 12), the Antillean College of Technology (established 1972), was transformed into the Faculty of Engineering.

In 2011 the University of the Netherlands Antilles was renamed the University of Curaçao mr. dr. Moises Frumencio da Costa Gomez.

Faculties and programsEdit

The Faculty of Law

  • Bachelor (LL.B.) in Curaçao Law
  • Master (LL.M.) degrees in Curaçao law

The Faculty of Engineering

  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Architecture
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Electrical System Engineering
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Industrial Technology
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Information & Communication Technology
  • Master (MBA) Technology Management

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics

  • Bachelor (B.A.Sc.) degree programs Business Administration (4 majors); Financial Management, Marketing Management, International Business and Management studies, Business Information Systems.[2]
  • Bachelor (B.A.Sc.) Human Resources Management
  • Bachelor (B.A.Sc.) Finance & Accounting
  • Bachelor (B.A.Sc.) Fiscal Law & Economics
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Accountancy & Control
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Business & Economics
  • Master (M.A.Sc.) Fiscal Law & Economics
  • Master (M.Sc.) in Accountancy & Management
  • Master (M.Sc.) in Business Management in Cooperation with Hofstra University, New York.
  • Executive Financial Management Master program (XFM) in Cooperation with the Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The Faculty of Arts

  • Educational Bachelor (B.A.)
  • Master (M.A.) degree programs in Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish and English, and Elementary teaching science (LOFO).

The Faculty of Societal and Behavioral Studies

  • Bachelor (B.A.Sc.) Social Work
  • Master's degree in Social Work

Since 2010, the university has been the seat of the UNESCO Caribbean Small Island Developing State Good Governance Chair.

The university is currently entrusted with oversight of the nation's ".cw" Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD).

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