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Universal Radio is the debut album by New Zealand group Dragon released in June 1974 on Vertigo Records and produced by Rick Shadwell.[1][2][3][4] Universal Radio, along with their second album Scented Gardens for the Blind are in the progressive rock genre—all subsequent albums are hard rock/pop rock.[1][2][3]

Universal Radio
Universal Radio Dragon.gif
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 1974
RecordedFebruary 1974
StudioStebbings Studio, Auckland
GenreProgressive rock
LabelVertigo, TRC, Aztec
ProducerRick Shadwell
Dragon chronology
Universal Radio
Scented Gardens for the Blind

On 2 July 2009, Aztec Music reissued Universal Radio with extensive liner notes, rare photos, and three bonus tracks. The first bonus track is a live recording from 1974 of their cover version of Fleetwood Mac's "Black Magic Woman", while the last two, "X-Ray Creature" and "Dinghy Days" are the A-side and B-side of Marc Hunter's first solo single released in 1973.

Track listingEdit

1974 VertigoEdit

Side 1

  1. "Universal Radio" (Goodwin, M. Hunter, Thompson, Storey, T. Hunter) - 8:33
  2. "Going Slow" (T Hunter) - 6:16
  3. "Patina" (Goodwin, (Break Dragon)) - 11:47

Side 2

  1. "Weetbix" (Goodwin, T Hunter, Bedgegood, Abbot) - 2:55
  2. "Graves" (Goodwin, T Hunter, Reynolds, Thompson) - 6:56
  3. "Avalanche" (Goodwin, T Hunter, Reynolds, Thompson) - 11:08

2009 Aztec Music ReissueEdit

  1. "Black Magic Woman" (Peter Green)[5] - 6:38
  2. "X-Ray Creature" (Graeme Collins, A Baysting)[6] - 3:06
  3. "Dinghy Days" (T Hunter) - 3:33
  • Note: On all releases tracks 4–6 segue to become one long track but are separated into three.

Liner NotesEdit

1974 VertigoEdit

Universal Radio was recorded at Stebbings Studio, Auckland Late February 1974 Produced by Rick Shadwell Engineered by Tony Moan

The single "X-Ray Creature" b/w "Dinghy Days" was recorded at Mascot Recording Studios, Auckland May 1973 Engineered by Gary Potts


  • Ivan Thompson: Organ, Piano, Moog
  • Ray Goodwin - Guitars, Vocal
  • Marc Hunter - Vocal, Percussion
  • Neil Storey - Drums
  • Todd Hunter - Bass, Vocal

Dragon thanks

  • Paul Crowther for Moog
  • Tony for Fender Rhodes
  • All songs by Dragon
  • Liner and Cover Art by Dick Frizzell

2009 Aztec Music ReissueEdit

Additional musicians

  • Graeme Collins - piano on "X-Ray Creature" (Collins was a founding member of Dragon but had left before Universal Radio was recorded)[1][3]
  • Herb Mann - lead guitar on "Dinghy Days"


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External linksEdit

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