Unity University

Unity University is a private university in Ethiopia. Unity University is the first privately owned institute of higher learning to be awarded full-fledged university status in Ethiopia by the Ministry of Education. It is also the first private university in the country to offer postgraduate programs leading to master's degree in business administration (MBA) and development economics (MA).

Unity University
ዩኒቲ ዩኒቨርስቲ
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Seal of the Unity University
Former names
Unity University College
MottoQuality House
PresidentDr. Arega Yirdaw
FounderDr. Fisseha Eshetu[1]
Academic staff
9°0′12.29″N 38°48′11.51″E / 9.0034139°N 38.8031972°E / 9.0034139; 38.8031972Coordinates: 9°0′12.29″N 38°48′11.51″E / 9.0034139°N 38.8031972°E / 9.0034139; 38.8031972
  • Gerji, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Adama, Ethiopia
  • Dessie, Ethiopia


Established in 1991, Unity language school was offering English, Arabic, French and Italian language courses. It started with not more than 50 students, a few part-time teachers and administration personnel. Progressively, the institute launched diploma programs in accounting, marketing, business, personnel administration, secretarial science and office management from 1997 to 1999. In March 1998 the institute was upgraded to a college level, following its achievements in education, becoming the first privately owned college in Ethiopia.[2] Through the years, the institute has played a pioneering role in providing quality education, setting a fine record. Later named Unity College, the institute has promoted innovative approaches and launched degree programs in various disciplines. Unity was promoted to university level in September 2008, becoming the first privately owned university. It has since been known as Unity University,(U.U.).


In addition to its educational role, the university encourages research and holds annual multi-disciplinary conferences. The proceedings of these conferences are published in its academic journal, The Ethiopian Journal of Business and Development.

Unity University is also very active in community service programs. It is involved in activities related to environmental protection, and has participated in the "Clean and Green Addis Ababa" initiative, and in other programs sponsored by the city council and chamber of commerce of Addis Ababa, such as HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention.

The university offers scholarships to students with financial difficulties, including a girls’ project, which extends assistance to deserving female students who lack financial resources. It also gives scholarships to its own staff who wish to upgrade their academic status, and to students with outstanding records in sports and other cultural activities. now


As of January 2012 the student population was 5,193, with 324 enrolled in the postgraduate program, 4,313 in undergraduate studies, and 556 in TVET programs including distance and continuing programs offered at its various centers. Unity has seventy-six academic staff of which five are women.


  • Postgraduate
    • For MBA and MBA specializing marketing - Holders of bachelor's degrees from recognized colleges and universities in such disciplines as management, marketing management, accounting, economics, engineering, medicine, public administration, political science among others.
    • For MA in development economics: Holders of bachelor's degrees in economics and related fields of specialization from recognized colleges and universities.
  • Undergraduate
    • As per the policies and regulations of the ministry of education (MOE) for admission to a tertiary level education institution in Ethiopia.
      • Completion of college preparatory school and with 360 and above points
      • GPA 3.00 and above in ESLCE for female applicants and GPA of 3.2 and above in ESLCE for male applicants.
      • Graduate from recognized universities and colleges can also apply for admission in advance standing or otherwise.
  • Levels
    • As per the policies and regulation of the MOE for admission to technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programs.


  • Postgraduate
    • Regular - three
    • Extension -four year
  • Undergraduate
    • Regular - Four to six years


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