United Christian Party (Hungary)

The United Christian Party (Hungarian: Egyesült Kereszténypárt, EKP) was a political party in Hungary during the late 1930s.

United Christian Party
Egyesült Kereszténypárt
Founded26 January 1937
Dissolved13 October 1944
Merger ofKGSZP, KE, NLN
Succeeded byKDNP
IdeologyPolitical Catholicism
Christian socialism
Political positionRight-wing


The party was formed in 1937 by a merger of the Christian Economic and Social Party (KGSZP), the Christian Opposition and the National Legitimist Party (NLN), although members of the Christian Opposition broke away later in the same year to re-establish their party.[1] Some other members left to establish the far-right Christian National Socialist Front (KNSZF).[1]

The 1939 elections saw the new party win only four seats, eleven fewer than the KGSZP and NLN had won in 1935. It finished behind the Christian National Socialist Front in terms of vote share, although the KNSZF won only three seats. Neither party contested another election.[2] After World War II the EKP was succeeded by the Christian Democratic People's Party.[3]

Further readingEdit

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