Union of State Supporters

The Union of State Supporters (USS) (Arabic: إتحاد مؤيدي الدولة‎) is an Egyptian political group established in 2016 to support the Egyptian State.[1] It was created in 2016 by Shaymaa Refaat and Amr Abdel-Hakim Amer. The Union of State Supporters (USS) has over 70,000 members and most of the group's activities are online. The group owns an online newspaper, which publishes in Arabic and has an English section called "Cairo Post". Through its online newspaper, the USS hopes to debunk any rumor concerning Egypt and explain the views of Egyptian State.[2]

Union of State Supporters (USS)
إتحاد مؤيدي الدولة
إتحاد مؤيدي الدولة
FoundersShaymaa Refaat
Amr Abdel-Hakim Amer
TypePolitical group
FocusSupporting the Egyptian State
Area served
Key people
Shaymaa Refaat (founder)
Amr AbdelHakim Amer (founder)
Ahmed Emam (Head of newspaper)
Fahmy El-Gohary
Gihan Zaki
Ihab Omar
Ibrahim El-Garhy
Alaa Hammouda
Mohamed Negm
Fady Riad (media liaison)
Rahima El-Sherif
Peter Milad
Rashad Hamed
Rehab Ibrahim E.
Rehab Ibrahim M.
Rabie El-Husseiny
Shaymaa Hussein
Hany El-Nazer
Hegazy Mohamed
Hossam Nassar
Mohamed Hussein
Mohamed Hafez
Adham El-Sharkawy
Amir Fawzy
Asser Ali
Aya Hegazy
Dandrawy El-Hawary
Fouad Abou-Hamila


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