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Union of Cypriots

The Union of Cypriots (Turkish: Kıbrıslılar Birliği; Greek: Ένωσις Κυπρίων) is a Cypriot nationalist organization that mainly campaigns for ending the Turkish occupation of Cyprus and works against the oppressions happening on the Turkish Cypriots by Turkey.[2][3]

Union of Cypriots
Kıbrıslılar Birliği
Ένωσις Κυπρίων
Union of Cypriots logo.png
MottoCyprus for Cypriots!
PurposeCypriot nationalism[1]
United Cyprus[1]
Oz Karahan
AffiliationsInternational League of Peoples' Struggle
Jasmine Movement

History and overviewEdit

The Union of Cypriots was previously known as the World Union of Turkish-speaking Cypriots,[4] and its origins root back to a youth organisation called LINOBAMBAKI, one of the formations that led the 2011 Turkish Cypriot protests.[5] It is active in Cyprus as well as in the United Kingdom, where, today, Turkish Cypriot population is bigger than in Cyprus.[6] Unlike most of other Turkish Cypriot political movements, it supports a unitary solution instead of a federal one, concerning the reunification of Cyprus.[7] With the idea of Cyprus belonging to all Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, the organisation supports turning back to 1960 constitution and reinforcing it more in the line of "one nation, one flag, one homeland and one state" view.[8]

The organization supported Turkish Cypriots who were targeted in the occupied areas of Cyprus, in events such as the prosecution of some community members for hanging the flag of the Republic of Cyprus in 2013,[9] the attacks against the Afrika newspaper by Turkish settlers in 2018,[10] or the court cases that were filed against Turkish Cypriot journalists by Turkey in 2019.[11]

In 2019, the Union of Cypriots announced to public its interest in participating in the European Parliament elections independently,[12] but later it was represented by its president, Oz Karahan in the list of Jasmine Movement.[13][14]

Today, the organization has a variety of committees for different affairs, as well as an educational initiative called "Fazıl Önder Academy" and an organization related to intangible cultural heritage activities, the "Cypriot Folk Music Society".[15] The Union of Cypriots is a member of the International League of Peoples' Struggle.[16]

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