Unión, Montevideo

Unión is a barrio (neighbourhood or district) of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Iglesia de la Unión
Iglesia de la Unión
Street map of Unión
Street map of Unión
Location of Unión in Montevideo
Location of Unión in Montevideo
Coordinates: 34°52′43″S 56°8′9″W / 34.87861°S 56.13583°W / -34.87861; -56.13583Coordinates: 34°52′43″S 56°8′9″W / 34.87861°S 56.13583°W / -34.87861; -56.13583
Country Uruguay
DepartmentMontevideo Department


Unión shares borders with Mercado Modelo and Villa Española to the northwest, Maroñas to the northeast, Malvín Norte to the east, Buceo and Parque Batlle to the south and La Blanqueada and Larrañaga to the southwest.


Its history started in 1845, during General Oribe's siege of Montevideo, which at the time was little more than the actual Ciudad Vieja, by the creation of the Tribunal of Unión in the area. In 1849, Oribe founded here a village called "Restauración". After the end of the civil war, its status was elevated from "Pueblo" (village) to "Villa" (town) and was renamed to "Villa de la Unión" by Decree of 11 November 1851.[1]

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