União Democrática Ruralista

União Democrática Ruralista (UDR), known as Democratic Association of Ruralists in English is a Brazilian right-wing association of farmers and activists from the southeast and center west who are opposed to land reform.[1][2] Through its members in the Brazilian Congress, the UDR endorses landowner interests and opposes proposals in favour of an agrarian reform process.[3]

União Democrática Ruralista opposes land reform and expropriation under its former leader, Luiz Antonio Nabhan Garcia, a Brazilian farmer who went on to have a role in the Bolsonaro government.[1][4] The organization was founded in 1985, following many expropriations of land in Brazil[4] and remains active under its Brasília based leadership. With tens of thousands of associates in all Brazilian states, UDR policy is to defend individual interests and private property.


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