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Underwood–Miller Inc. was a science fiction and fantasy small press specialty publishing house in San Francisco, California, founded in 1976.[1] It was founded by Tim Underwood, a San Francisco book and art dealer, and Chuck Miller, a Pennsylvania used book dealer, after the two had met at a convention.

FounderTim Underwood and Chuck Miller
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationSan Francisco, California
Publication typesbooks
Fiction genresscience fiction and fantasy

Underwood and Miller chose to begin with a first hardcover edition of The Dying Earth by Jack Vance. This was a classic fantasy novel never done in hardcover. Both Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. and Mirage Press had tried to publish The Dying Earth but had failed to obtain the rights. Underwood was acquainted with Vance and was able to secure the rights directly from him. Vance was enthusiastic, had several other projects in mind, and became the author most identified with the press.[2] In the next few years they produced a number of Vance hardcovers, many of them new to boards as well as a few reprints of scarce, early Vance hardcovers.

The press then diversified and began publishing works by other authors such as Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg and Roger Zelazny. In several such cases, the books in question printed recently done stories that either appeared only in magazine form or only in paperback, with no previous hardcover edition.

In 1994, Underwood and Miller decided to dissolve the partnership. As their last book, they reprinted The Dying Earth.


  • Underwood–Miller launched Brandywyne Books in association with Waldenbooks in the mid 1980s. The imprint was founded to bring out limited editions as Underwood–Miller had done for science fiction, but for all genres.[3]
  • Underwood–Miller published The Third Invention: How the Bow and Arrow Made History, by Steve Hayes, in 1990 as "A Hammersmith Book—An Imprint of Underwood–Miller". It was the only book published under this imprint.
  • Underwood–Miller published Computer: Bit Slices from a Life, by Herbert R.J. Grosch, in 1991 as "A Third Millennium/Underwood–Miller Book". It was the only book published under this imprint.


In 1994, Underwood–Miller won a World Fantasy Award, Special Award—Professional, for publishing.[4]

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