Un rey en la Habana

Un rey en la Habana (A king in Havana) is a film produced in 2005 starring Alexis Valdés.

Un rey en la Habana
Un rey en la habana dvd.jpg
DVD release cover
Directed byAlexis Valdés
Produced byPancho Casal
José María García
Written byAlexis Valdés
StarringAlexis Valdés
Music byEdesio Alejandro
Distributed byIroko Films
Continental Producciones
Imagia Freelance
Release date
25 April 2005
Running time
95 minutes


Papito is a young actor grown up in "El Mamey", the most dangerous marginal district of La Habana, which he dreams to leave someday along with his small theater group. Don Arturo arrives in Cuba full of promises and souvenirs. But the millionaire does not last more than 24 hours. During his first "encounter" with Yoli he dies from a cardiac arrest because of overdose of sexual enhancement drug. In the family the panic spreads: They have lost the great opportunity that was going to let them out of the misery. When Papito thinks that nothing could go worse, he receives an "order" from "La Caimana". He must be taken for dead, travel with Yuri to Spain and get all the Euros he can. In spite of the danger and the threats, Papito thinks it's an opportunity to make amends with his love and accepts the treatment. In order to escape the confusion, Papito will have to make the best out of his talent and benefit from his double identity.


Leonel Valdes (actor) was never mentioned in the cast. He interpreted a very important role in the film. This film was one of his latest incursion in the film industry.


  • The pork served at the reception for Yoli and Papito's wedding was from Don Arturo's body. When some suspicious guests mention that it tastes funny, La Caimana replies "It's from a Spanish Pig".

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