Umedalen skulpturpark

Coordinates: 63°50′20.3″N 20°09′32.9″E / 63.838972°N 20.159139°E / 63.838972; 20.159139

Umedalen skulpturpark is an art exhibition and a sculpture garden in Umeå in Sweden.


An art exhibition was arranged in Umedalen for the first time in 1994 and it is now a permanent exhibition in a sculpture garden at the previous Umedalen hospital precinct.[1]

The property company Balticgruppen (The Baltic Group), together with Art Gallery Galleri Sandström Andersson, in 1987 bought the uncommissioned psychiatric hospital Umedalen, around 20 stone houses in a park, by the Västerbotten County Council. Sweden's largest art gallery has been built around the historic buildings that were previously used as the hospital.[2] Balticgruppen has purchased 44 sculptures, which now form the permanent exhibition in the sculpture park.[1]

Permanently exhibited sculpturesEdit

  • Untitled, granite, 2001, by Bård Breivik
  • Black, Grey, Broken Sky and Palest Blue, 2010, ceramic tiles and steel, by Astrid Sylwan
  • Forest Hill, 1997, plastic pipes, concrete, by Buky Schwartz
  • The most lonesome story ever told, 1998, by Jonas Kjellgren
  • Heart of trees, 2007, bronze and trees, by Jaume Plensa
  • Nosotros, 2008, painted steel by Jaume Plensa
  • Emergency station (Räddningsplats), 2008, textile, grass, sun flower seeds, by Gunilla Samberg
  • Untitled, 1998, painted bronze, by Roland Persson
  • Hardback, 2000, concrete, by Nina Saunders
  • Mor och Barn (Mother and child), 1958, bronze, by David Wretling
  • Still Running 1990-93, cast iron, by Antony Gormley
  • Another Time VIII, 2007, cast iron, by Antony Gormley
  • Pillar of light, 1991, sandstone, by Anish Kapoor
  • 55 meter long double-line of double-boulders, 1997, boulders, by Richard Nonas
  • Vegetation Room VII, 2000, resin and bronze powder panels, by Cristina Iglesias
  • Untitled, 1994, galvanized bathtubs, by Carina Gunnars
  • Arch, 1995, granite, by Claes Hake
  • Eye Benches II, 1996–97, black granite from Zimbabwe, by Louise Bourgeois
  • Social Meeting, 1997, wooden skis, by Raffael Reinsberg
  • Untitled (1998), painted bronze, by Roland Persson
  • She leaves the lights on and forgets the room 1998, steel and sanitary porcelain, by Meta Isaeus-Berlin
  • Stevensson (Early Forms), bronze, 1999, by Tony Cragg
  • Alliansring (Wedding ring), 2000, bronze, by Anna Renström
  • Skogsdunge (Forest grove), 2002, flag poles, by Kari Cavén
  • Untitled, 2002, stainless steel, by Anne-Karin Furunes
  • Homestead, 2004, wood, concrete, by Clay Ketter
  • Dysfunctional Outdoor Gym, 2004, wood, metal and ropes, by Torgny Nilsson
  • Den sjuka flickan (The sick girl), 2004, steel, by Jacob Dahlgren
  • Flip, 2006, painted steel, by Mats Bergquist
  • Tillåtet (Allowed), 1990-2006, vinyl and aluminium, by Mikael Richter
  • Concrete and leaves, 1996, concrete, by Miroslaw Balka
  • Koma-Amok, 1997, steel, by Bigert & Bergström
  • Umea Prototype, 1999-2000, corten steel with silver birch trees, by Serge Spitzer
  • Trajan's Shadow, 2001, bronze, oil paint, steel, by Sean Henry
  • Beam Walk, 1996, steel, by Cristos Gianakos
  • Out, 2004, bronze, by Charlotte Gyllenhammar
  • Kastenhaus 1166, 2000, metal, wood, PVC, by Winter & Hörbelt



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