Umbricia Fortunata

Umbricia Fortunata (1st century AD), was a Roman businesswoman, known from the Roman city of Pompeii.[1]

Umbricia Fortunata

She is known from three tituli picti on the jars of urceus type.[2] She was an employee of Umbricius Scarus, a major producer of fish sauce in Pompeii. He owned a number of workshops in Pompeii, ran for him by employed managers, whose names and roles are identified in inscriptions found on urcei, vessels that contained the sauce. One of his workshops was managed by a woman, Umbricia Fortunata. She is an example of the fact that a Roman woman could be entrusted to manage the business of others.

Umbricia Fortunata was possibly Scaurus’ freedwoman. It is confirmed that Umbricius Scarus normally employed his freedmen to manage his workshops for him, and the cognomen Fortunata, considered as cognomen servile, also makes this likely. However, it has also been pointed out that she may also have been the Pompeian producer's relative: his wife or sister.

She is one of several businesswomen identified in Ancient Pompeii, contributing to information about Ancient Roman businesswomen; other examples of Pompeii businesswomen mentioned alongside her are Eumachia, Julia Felix, the freedwoman trader Naevoleia Tyche and the freedwomen money lenders Poppaea Note and Dicidia Margaris.


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