Ulsan Grand Park

Ulsan Grand Park is the largest urban park in South Korea, with 3.69 square kilometres (1.42 square miles) of park land. It is located in Ulsan Metropolitan City, and includes walking trails, a nature learning center, a botanical garden, a petting zoo, a butterfly zoo, and several playgrounds.[1][2][3]

Ulsan Grand Park
Korean name
Revised RomanizationUlsan Dae Gongwon
McCune–ReischauerUlsan Dae Kongwŏn
TypeUrban park
LocationNam-gu, Ulsan, South Korea
Coordinates35°31′41″N 129°17′56″E / 35.528°N 129.299°E / 35.528; 129.299Coordinates: 35°31′41″N 129°17′56″E / 35.528°N 129.299°E / 35.528; 129.299
Area3.69 km2 (912 acres)
Created2006 (2006)


Chey Tae-won, a former chairman of SK Group, began a money-saving program in 1995 to build a park in the city as a way of giving back to society. Construction began that year and finished in 2006. The total cost of the park was KRW102 billion (equivalent to approximately US$107 million in 2006), with SK paying about 60% of the money and the remaining 40% paid by the city.[1][2]

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