Ulrich Peltzer

Ulrich Peltzer (born 9 December 1956) is a German novelist.

Peltzer in Frankfurt am Main 2010


Peltzer was born in Krefeld. Starting in 1975, he studied philosophy and social psychology in Berlin. He graduated as a psychologist in 1982. Since then he has been working as a full-time author.

As of 2007, he has written five novels. Four of them deal with his experiences in Berlin, but one takes place in New York (Bryant Park). Peltzer usually rejects conventional, realistic descriptions of reality. Instead, his characters are depicted through a stream-of-consciousness technique.

Peltzer lives in Berlin.


Peltzer has received several awards:


  • Die Sünden der Faulheit (The Sins of Laziness), Zürich: Ammann Verlag (1987), ISBN 978-3-250-10067-6.
  • Stefan Martinez, Zürich: Ammann Verlag (1995), ISBN 978-3-250-10270-0.
  • Alle oder keiner (All or No One), Zürich: Ammann Verlag (2000), ISBN 978-3-250-10408-7.
  • Bryant Park, Zürich: Ammann Verlag (2002), ISBN 978-3-250-60035-0.[2]
  • Teil der Lösung, Zürich: Ammann Verlag (2007) ISBN 978-3-250-60113-5.
    • Published in English as Part of the Solution. Calcutta, London, New York: Seagull Books (2011). University of Chicago Pr. (2019), ISBN 978-0-85742-633-8.
  • Das bessere Leben, Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer (2015), ISBN 978-3-10-060805-5.[3]


  • Ich setze mich einfach hin und fange an (I simply sit down and start) – Interview, in: BELLA triste Nr. 10, 2004.


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