Coordinates: 39°11′58″N 127°08′16″E / 39.199469°N 127.137823°E / 39.199469; 127.137823

Ullim Falls [nb 1] ( 울림 폭포 ) is a waterfall located outside of Wŏnsan, North Korea.[1]

Ullim Waterfall in 2008


According to the Korean Friendship Association, the Ullim Falls were developed by Kim Jong-il in 1999, with a resort completed in 2001.[2] It has been marked by the North Korean government as a tourist destination.[3][4]


The falls featured on two North Korean stamps: in the 2005 "Landscapes" series, and the 2017 "Autumn Landscapes" series.[5]


  1. ^ Alternatively transliterated as Ulim Waterfall


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