Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Volodymyr–Brest

The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Volodymyr–Brest (Volodymyr–Brėst of the Ukrainians) was an eparchy (Eastern Catholic diocese) of the particular Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church sui iuris (Byzantine rite) in parts of Ukraine and Belarus under Imperial Russian rule, from 1569 till 1833.


  • It was established in 1596 as Eparchy (Diocese) of Volodymyr–Brėst / Volodymyr–Brest (English) / Vladimiren(sis)–Bresten(sis) Ruthenorum (Latin), on imperial Russian territory previously not served by the rite
  • Suppressed in 1833, without direct successor.

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(all Ukrainian Rite)

Suffragan Eparchs (Bishops) of Volodymyr–Brėst

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