Ubay (name)

Obai (Arabic: أبي) is an Arabic given name, most commonly transliterated as "Ubai". also It is also sometimes transliterated as "Obai", "Ubay", "Ubai", "Oubai", "Oubay", "Obay", "Ubayy", & "Obayy" The word is derived from the tri-consonant Arabic word for "refuse" and could possibly mean The one who is refusing the humiliation

RomanizationObai/Ubay/Ubai /Obay/Obayy/Ubayy
Literal meaningThe one who is refusing the humiliation

The most well-known historical figure to be named Ubai was Ubay ibn Ka'b a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and a person of high esteem in the early Muslim community

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