USM Alger 11–0 ASM Oran (1975)

On 30 November 1975, USM Alger faced ASM Oran in a Nationale I fixture at Stade 5 Juillet 1962, during the 1975–76 season. ASM Oran were newly promoted to the National II. USM Alger won the match 11–0, recording their biggest ever top-flight win, and inflicting ASM Oran's heaviest ever defeat. five different players scored for USM Alger, Including five goals by Djamel Zidane.

USM Alger 11–0 ASM Oran
Zidane, djamel 1982a.jpg
Djamel Zidane scored five goals.
Event1975–76 Nationale I
Date30 November 1975
VenueStade 5 Juillet 1962, Algiers
Man of the MatchDjamel Zidane


In the 12th round of the Nationale I, Zidane opened the scoring in the 4th minute, ten minutes later added Hocine Rabet scoring the second goal six minutes later Khelifa Benmessaoud added the third goal after that in the 25 minutes – added Déraoul fourth goal and four minutes later Zidane returned again scored the fifth goal to end the first half 5–0. In the second half, Zidane scored again two goals in two minutes later in the 73rd minute – Déraoul scored his second and eighth in the throw, after ten minutes Benmessaoud scored his second goal, three minutes later Zidane scored the fifth goal and the last goals in the games for him at the age of twenty only, in the last minute of the match, substitute player Nacer Guedioura scored the 11th goal. This is the heaviest result at the Stade 5 Juillet 1962 since its opening so far in all competitions.

Match detailsEdit

USM Alger11–0ASM Oran
Zidane   4', 29', 57', 59', 86'
Déraoul   25', 73'
Benmessaoud   21', 83'
Rabet   15'
Guedioura   90'
Attendance: 1,067 (8.837 DA)
Referee: Kermiche
USM Alger
ASM Oran
GK 1   Boukhalfa Branci   ?'
DF 2   Rachid Lala
DF 3   Réda Abdouche
DF 4   Abdelmalek Ali Messaoud
DF 5   Djamel Keddou (c)
MF 6   Bachir Zitoun
MF 7   Zéribet
MF 8   Hocine Rabet
MF 9   Khelifa Benmessaoud
FW 10   Déraoul   ?'
FW 11   Djamel Zidane
GK 12   Amiri   ?'
FW 13   Nacer Guedioura   ?'
  Abdelghani Zitouni
GK ??   Aïssaoui
DF ??   Hanache
DF ??   Zine
DF ??   Mohamed Belkheïra
DF ??   Noureddine   ?'
MF ??   Mokhtar Bouhizeb
MF ??   Boudia
MF ??   Khaïne
MF ??   Belmoukhtar
FW ??   Nacer
FW ??   Hamou
??   Chabane   ?'   ?'
??   Benarba   ?'

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