USGF International Invitational 1980

The USGF International Invitational was a gymnastics tournament organized by the U.S. Gymnastics Federation (USGF) in Hartford, Connecticut as part of the U.S.-led 1980 Olympic boycott. Competitors were invited from nations not competing in the 1980 Olympic tournament in Moscow. Participants came from Japan, China, the USA, Switzerland, West Germany, Italy, Norway, Korea, Canada, New Zealand and Israel. Similar events in other Olympic sports included the Liberty Bell Classic in athletics.


Men's EventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual all-around   Nobuyuki Kajitani (JPN) 58.30   Li Yuejiu (CHN)
  Tong Fei (CHN)
58.20 none awarded
Floor   Li Yuejiu (CHN) 19.800   Tong Fei (CHN) 19.550   Ron Galimore (USA) 19.500
Pommel horse   Tong Fei (CHN) 19.450   Huang Yubin (CHN) 19.350   Kyoji Yamawaki (URS) 19.300
Vault   Ron Galimore (USA) 19.800   Kyoji Yamawaki (JPN) 19.550   Tong Fei (CHN) 19.475
Rings   Nobuyuki Kajitani (JPN) 19.600   Kyoji Yamawaki (JPN) 19.550   Ron Galimore (USA) 19.500
Parallel bars   Cai Huanzong (CHN) 19.750   Nobuyuki Kajitani (JPN) 19.650   Li Yuejiu (CHN) 19.450
Horizontal bar   Junichi Kitagawa (JPN) 19.600   Tong Fei (CHN) 19.550   Mitch Gaylord (USA) 19.500

Women's eventsEdit

US women's team posing with Nancy Reagan in 1981

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual all-around   Li Cuiling (CHN) 38.800   Marcia Frederick (USA) 38.600   Chen Yongyan (CHN) 38.350
Vault   Marcia Frederick (USA) 19.175   Li Cuiling (CHN) 19.025   Lisa Zeis (USA) 19.000
Uneven bars   Zhu Zheng (CHN) 19.600   Chen Yongyan (CHN) 19.500   Marcia Frederick (USA) 18.950
Balance beam   Ma Yanhong (CHN) 19.700   Li Cuiling (CHN) 19.300   Marcia Frederick (USA) 18.950
Floor   Wen Jia (CHN) 19.750   Lynne Lederer (USA) 19.650   Kelly Garrison (USA) 19.450

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