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The National is a team handball tournament to determine the Men's and Women's National Champion from the US. At the men's side there exist an Elite and Open Division. In years with many teams the Open Division is split in Division I and II.

College Nationals
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Tournament information
Month playedApril–May
FormatRound Robin, Knockout Stage
Men's Elite:
New York City THC
Men's Open:
New York City 3 THC
Women's Open:
Team Rogue



Record champion is by at the Men's side New York Athletic Club they have a total of 20 titles. And Chicago Inter HC has 6 women titles.


Until 2000 the Open Division was the tournament to select the national champion. After the Elite Division was established. The overall record champion is the New York Athletic Club with 20 titles.[1]

Men's Elite DivisionEdit

Record champion are the New York Athletic Club and New York city THC with each 6 titles the clubs have also the most continues titles with each 2 titles.

Men's Open Division IEdit

Record champion is the New York Athletic Club with at mimimum 8 titles the club has also the most continues titles each 3 titles.

Men's Open Division IIEdit

Record champion are the Air Force Falcons and West Point with each 2 titles.

Women's Open DivisionEdit

Record champion is the Chicago Inter HC with 6 titles the club has also the most continues titles with three.

Medal countEdit

Total Medal countEdit

1New York Athletic Club204832
2San Francisco CalHeat65516
3Chicago Inter HC65112
4New York City THC62311
5Antique Gold3003
6Sushi Masters2439
7Atlanta Metro Condors2002
DC Diplomats THC2002
10Los Angeles THC1203
Ventura Condors1203
12Dynamo HC1113
Houston Firehawks TH1113
Swim & Sport Club of Flanders1113
15Air Force Academy1102
Knight Magic1102
Ohio State University1102
18Knight Air1012
Northwest Suburban Chicago1012
California West1001
Chicago THC1001
Colorado Springs Stars1001
East Coast HC1001
G and D Leisure1001
Jersey Jets1001
Kansas State University1001
New England1001
P.A. Par1001
Rochester Sport Club1001
University of California, LA1001
University of Minnesota1001
West Coast All-Stars1001
Totals (36 clubs)753426135


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