Tytus Maksymilian Huber

Tytus Maksymilian Huber (also known as Maksymilian Tytus Huber; 4 January 1872 in Krościenko nad Dunajcem – 9 December 1950) was a Polish mechanical engineer, educator, and scientist. He was a member of the pre-war Polish scientific foundation, Kasa im. Józefa Mianowskiego.

Maksymilian Tytus Huber

His career began as a Professor at Lwów Polytechnic (now known as the Lviv Polytechnic) in 1908, later serving as rector from 1922-1923. In the late 1920s he was professor and department chair of Warsaw University of Technology. After the Second World War he helped organize the Gdańsk University of Technology.

In 1949, he was named department chair at AGH University of Science and Technology, serving until his death the following year, at the age of 78.

Tensile Stress TheoremEdit

He formulated the tensile stress theorem, an important equation in studies of tension known also as Huber's equation.

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