Two Rivers Light

The Two Rivers Light (also known as the Two Rivers North Pierhead Light) is a lighthouse formerly located at the harbor entrance to Two Rivers, Wisconsin. It is now located in a museum in the city.

Two Rivers Light
Two Rivers Light USCG.PNG
the Two Rivers Light in service (USCG)
Locationoriginally at end of north breakwater in Two Rivers, WI;
relocated to museum
Coordinates44°8′34.03″N 87°33′37.66″W / 44.1427861°N 87.5604611°W / 44.1427861; -87.5604611 (original);[1]
44°09′12″N 87°33′45″W / 44.1532°N 87.5624°W / 44.1532; -87.5624 (current)[2]
Tower height36 feet (11 m)
Tower shapeSkeletal tower
MarkingsRed with white lantern
LensSixth order Fresnel lens
Characteristicfixed red
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Two Rivers Lighthouse located at Rogers Street Fishing Village and Museum.

This light was preceded by a brick structure on shore, one and a half stories with a cupola.[2] This light was erected in 1852 and lasted only until 1858.[2]

A project to improve the harbor was begun in 1870, including the construction in stages of a pair of breakwaters defining the entrance channel.[2] In 1886 a lighthouse was built at the end of the northern breakwater. A simple pyramidal wooden tower was constructed, consisting of a watch room on an open timber framework surmounted by the lantern.[2] A sixth-order Fresnel lens was provided as the light source, displaying a fixed red light.[4]

This light contained no dwelling.[2] The Rawley Point Light keeper tended it, accessing the light via a long catwalk running the length of the pier.[3][4]

The light was damaged in the first month of operation when a vessel struck the pier.[2] In 1907–1909 a dwelling and oil house were constructed on the site of the former shore light.[2] At the same time a fog bell was added to the light, its mechanism powered by a generator which was housed in a shed at the other end of the pier.[2] This arrangement was found unsatisfactory, and a diaphone was added sometime between 1926 and 1931.[2] During repairs in 1928 to fix storm damage, the light was rebuilt to run off electrical power.[3][2] It continued in operation until 1969, when it was replaced with a steel tower.[3][2] The older building was saved, however, and in 1975 the house portion was donated to the Rogers Street Fishing Village, a museum encompassing the old coast guard lifesaving station.[2][4] The old building now stands on a platform similar to its original foundation, though it is now surrounded by a raised walkway.[2] Unfortunately during the move the lens was broken, but a 2006 grant provided funds for its repair and restoration, and it was returned to display in 2009.[2]

the light in its current location


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