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Twinkle, the Dream Being

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Twinkle, the Dream Being is an American animated television series that aired in 1993 in syndication in the U.S. and MBC TV in South Korea for Daejeon Expo 1993. The show was produced by Zodiac Entertainment, Sei Young Anitel and Calico Entertainment.

Twinkle, the Dream Being
Created byPeter Keefe
Roh Seung-woo
Choi Gwang-Ahm
Voices ofTress MacNeille
Russi Taylor
Pat Fraley
Cam Clarke
Country of originSouth Korea
United States
No. of episodes26
Running time30 minutes per episode
Original networkSyndication (United States)
MBC TV (South Korea)
Original releaseDecember 5 1993 – June 25 1994



Twinkle, the Dream Being (voiced by Tress MacNeille), is a little, yellow wish-granting genie who turns the wishes of the inhabitants of the Land of Possibility into reality. Miss Diva Weed tries to stop him and enslave the population of the Land of Possibility.[1]

Twinkle is accompanied by his intergalactic mercenaries Nova and Wishball as he shows the people that with a little bit of magic, anything is possible. Many of the problems are usually caused by Diva Weed and her ridiculous minions, the Hotshots, as Twinkle in most circumstances tries to help them in any way he can while getting them to stick up and believe in themselves.

This show was the last show created by Calico Creations airing in the USA from 1993 to 1994.


  • Twinkle (voiced by Tress MacNeille): The title character, an intergalactic genie
  • Nova (voiced by Russi Taylor): A small, blue star creature that lives on Twinkle's head. She acts as his pilot ship.
  • Wishball (voiced by Pat Fraley): A small, blue ball creature who works alongside Nova. He helps Twinkle fly around.
  • Miss Diva Weed (voiced by Tress MacNeille): A perverse and wicked witch who feeds off the despair of the people. She does everything to stop Twinkle and his plans.
  • Won (voiced by Pat Fraley): One of Diva Weeds' Hotshot minions. He's usually serious about trying to get rid of Twinkle, but can befriend him just as easily.
  • Chu (voiced by Cam Clarke): Diva Weeds' other Hotshot minion. He's usually accommodated with Won but Chu doesn't take his job all that serious in comparison. He's rather bumbling as pointed out by his peers.
  • Urg (voiced by Pat Fraley ): A giant rock monster with a large appetite. Most of the other characters are afraid of him because of his appearance, but is otherwise seen as friendly.

Episode listEdit

  • 1. Park Pranksters
  • 2. School is Cool
  • 3. Shopping Mall Shenanigans
  • 4. Calamity Carnival
  • 5. Home Sweet Home
  • 6. Way Out Campout
  • 7. Farm Festival Fun
  • 8. Fun Park Fiasco
  • 9. Mountain Madness
  • 10. One Wish, Two Wish
  • 11. Dream Being Birthday
  • 12. All-Star Expo
  • 13. Once Upon An Urg
  • 14. Castle Capers
  • 15. Cosmic Ecology
  • 16. Pollution Solution
  • 17. Aquatic Adventures
  • 18. The Menace Apprentice
  • 19. Book Bash
  • 20. Culture Shock
  • 21. Better Together
  • 22. Energy Escapades
  • 23. Whale Wishing
  • 24. Pets Are Pals
  • 25. Be Safe, Not Sorry
  • 26. Rainforest Romp

Alternative titlesEdit

  • ניצנץ מארץ החלומות (Nitznatz Me'eretz HaHalomot) (Israeli Title)
  • Twinkle, die Sternschnuppe (German Title)
  • 꿈돌이 (Kumdori) (Korean Title)
  • O Mundo Mágico de Pingo (Brazilian Title)
  • Twinkle, el mag dels somnis (Catalan Title)
  • البراق محقق الأمنيات (Albiraq Muhaqqaq Al'amniat) (Arabic Title)
  • Rayito: El Mago de Los Deseos (Spanish Title)
  • Réaltóg (Irish Title)
  • Twinkle, przybysz z krainy marzeń (Polish Title)
  • Twinkle, o Mago dos Desejos (Portuguese Title)
  • Twinkle, min Drömstjärna (Swedish Title)
  • Τουίνκλ, ο Μικρός Εξωγήινος (Touín'kl, o Mikrós Exogíinos) (Greek Title)
  • Twinkle, le Faiseur de Rêves (French Title)
  • Geisli, Draumálfur (Icelandic Title)


Country Channel(s)
  United States
  • ABC (1993-1994)
  United Kingdom
  Republic of Ireland
  • TV1 (1994-1995)
  South Korea
  • MBC TV (1993-1994), (1997-1998), (2013)
  United Arab Emirates



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