Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt family tree

As with most ancient Egyptian royal dynasties, the family tree for the Twelfth Dynasty is complex and unclear.

Double crown.svgAmenemhat INeferitatjenen
Double crown.svgSenusret INeferu III
Double crown.svgAmenemhat IISenet
AmenemhatankhItaItawaretKhenmetKhenemetneferhedjet INeferet IIDouble crown.svgSenusret II
NeferthenutKhnemetneferhedjet IIDouble crown.svgSenusret IIIMeretsegerSithathoriunetItakayt
HeteptiAatDouble crown.svgAmenemhat IIIKhenemetneferhedjet IIISithathorMenetSenetsenebtysyMeret
Double crown.svgAmenemhat IVNeferuptah[1]Double crown.svgSobekneferuHathorhotep


  1. ^ Possibly daughter of Senusret III
  • Grajetzki, Wolfram (2005) Ancient Egyptian Queens – a hieroglyphic dictionary