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Turner Falls, an American waterfall, at 77 feet (23 m), is locally considered Oklahoma's tallest waterfall,[1] although its height matches one in Natural Falls State Park.[2] The falls are located on Honey Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains in south central Oklahoma, 6 miles (9.7 km) south of Davis.[3][4]

Turner Falls
Turner falls.jpg
Turner Falls
LocationTurner Falls Park, Interstate 35, Davis, Oklahoma, United States
Total height77 ft.
Swimming at Turner Falls


Mazeppa Thomas Turner, a Scottish immigrant farmer who married Laura Johnson, a Chickasaw woman, settled in the area in 1878 and discovered the falls. The falls were named for him.[4][5]

Recreational use began in or before 1868. Today, the falls are part of Turner Falls Park, a city park operated by the city of Davis, Oklahoma.[5] The Falls cascade into a natural swimming pool, one of two such pools within the park,[1] and these are popular tourist destinations in the summer.[6]

The city of Davis acquired the park in 1919 and operated it until 1950. It then leased the facility to other interests until 1978, when it resumed control.[4]

The park covers 1,500 acres (6.1 km2), and also contains nature trails, caves and other interesting geological features. It also has a walk-in castle[1] which was built in the 1930s.


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