Turner (crater)

Turner is a small lunar impact crater that lies in the Mare Insularum, near the Moon's equator. The crater was named after British astronomer Herbert Hall Turner.[1] It is located to the southeast of the crater Gambart. Turner is a circular, cone-shaped crater with inner walls that slope down to the midpoint. A similar-sized ghost crater is attached to the western rim, its interior floor submerged by lava and the surviving rim broken in the southwest.

Turner crater 4114 h1.jpg
Coordinates1°24′S 13°12′W / 1.4°S 13.2°W / -1.4; -13.2Coordinates: 1°24′S 13°12′W / 1.4°S 13.2°W / -1.4; -13.2
Diameter12 km
Depth2.6 km
Colongitude13° at sunrise
EponymHerbert H. Turner
Oblique view of Turner from Apollo 16
View of the terminator from Apollo 12, with Turner left of center and Gambart at left. Apollo 14 landing site is in shadow at right (unmarked).

Satellite cratersEdit

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Turner.

Turner Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 1.1° S 14.7° W 6 km
B 0.9° S 10.6° W 5 km
C 2.4° S 12.3° W 5 km
F 1.6° S 14.1° W 7 km
H 2.8° S 13.0° W 4 km
K 3.8° S 13.4° W 4 km
L 3.4° S 12.5° W 5 km
M 4.2° S 11.8° W 4 km
N 2.9° S 12.0° W 4 km
Q 1.0° S 12.4° W 3 km


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