The Turing Baronetcy, of Foveran in the County of Aberdeen, is a title in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia.[2] It was created in 1638 for John Turing, who was granted the barony of Foveran in Aberdeenshire by the king. He was a supporter of Charles I and was taken prisoner by the Covenanters in 1639. In 1651, he fought at the Battle of Worcester. The Turing family descends from Sir William Turing, a supporter of David II (1329–1371).

Turing baronets
CrestA hand holding a helmet Proper.
BlazonArgent on a bend Sable three boar’s heads Or.
SupportersTwo stags Proper.
MottoLatin: Audentes Fortuna Juvat
("Fortune favours the bold")[1]

The cryptographer and computing pioneer Alan Turing was the uncle of the twelfth Baronet.[3][4]

Turing baronets, of Foveran (1638) edit

The following have been Turing baronets:

  • Sir John Turing, 1st Baronet (died 1662), created Baronet by the king
  • Sir John Turing, 2nd Baronet (died 1682), grandson of his predecessor
  • Sir John Turing, 3rd Baronet (1680–1733), grandnephew of the 1st Baronet
  • Sir Alexander Turing, 4th Baronet (1702–1782), son of his predecessor
  • Sir Inglis Turing, 5th Baronet (1743–1791), son of his predecessor
  • Sir Robert Turing, 6th Baronet (1745–1831), brother of his predecessor
  • Sir James Henry Turing, 7th Baronet (1791–1860), great-grandnephew of the 3rd Baronet
  • Sir Robert Fraser Turing, 8th Baronet (1827–1913), son of his predecessor
  • Sir James Walter Turing, 9th Baronet (1862–1928), son of his predecessor
  • Sir Robert Andrew Henry Turing, 10th Baronet (1895–1970), son of his predecessor
  • Sir John Leslie Turing, 11th Baronet (1895–1987), (younger twin) brother of his predecessor
  • Sir John Dermot Turing, 12th Baronet (born 1961), great-great-grandnephew of the 7th Baronet
    • Heir Apparent: John Malcolm Ferrier Turing (born 1988), son
    • Second in line: James Robert Edward Turing (born 1991), son

Family tree edit

The Turing baronets are related as follows:

William Turing
of Foveran
d. 1613
John Turing,
1st Baronet

d. 1662
Henry Turing
d. 1657
George Turing
d. 1657
John Turing
John Turing,
2nd Baronet

d. 1682
John Turing,
3rd Baronet

Walter Turing
Alexander Turing,
4th Baronet

James Turing
Inglis Turing,
5th Baronet

Robert Turing,
6th Baronet

John Turing
James Turing,
7th Baronet

John Turing
Robert Turing,
8th Baronet

John Turing
James Turing,
9th Baronet

Julius Turing
Robert Turing,
10th Baronet

1895[note 1]–1970
John Turing,
11th Baronet

1895[note 2]–1987
John Turing
Alan Turing,
John Turing,
12th Baronet

b. 1961
John Turing,
Heir Apparent

b. 1988
James Turing
b. 1991
  1. ^ Older twin
  2. ^ Younger twin

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