The Tupolev ANT-53 was a late 1930s project for a passenger aircraft by the Tupolev Design Bureau.

Role Airliner
National origin Soviet Union
Manufacturer Tupolev
Designer Vladimir Petlyakov
Status paper project only
Primary user Aeroflot (intended)
Number built 0
Developed from Tupolev TB-7

Development and design edit

The Tupolev ANT-53 was developed as an airliner derivative of the Tupolev TB-7 heavy bomber, effectively constituting the Soviet counterpart to the Boeing 307 Stratoliner pressurized airliner. The pressurized cabin of the ANT-53 would have accommodated 48 passengers or 6 tons of cargo, and power was to be supplied by either 4 Mikulin AM-34FRNV or 4 Tumansky M-85 engines. However, development was abandoned due to shortages of aerospace engineers resulting from the 1937-1938 Great Purge.[1][2]

References edit

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