Tunney's Pasture station

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Tunney's Pasture is the western O-Train light rail terminal train station in Ottawa, Ontario.

Tunney's Pasture
O-Train station
Tunney's Pasture station
General information
Coordinates45°24′14″N 75°44′06″W / 45.40389°N 75.73500°W / 45.40389; -75.73500
Owned byOC Transpo
Platforms2 (train)
2 (bus)
Structure typeTrench (LRT station)
Other information
Station code3011
Opened1983 (Transitway)
2019 (O-Train)
Preceding station OC Transpo Following station
Terminus Line 1 Bayview
toward Blair
Westboro Route 57 Terminus
Westboro Route 61
Route 62
toward Innovation
Route 63
toward Riverview
Route 74
toward Cambrian
Route 75
Future services
Preceding station OC Transpo Following station
toward Algonquin
Line 1
Opens 2026
toward Trim
toward Moodie
Line 3
Opens 2026



It is located at the Tunney's Pasture government office complex, on Scott Street at Holland Avenue.



When originally opened in 1983, the transitway in the area consisted of a through station in a below-grade 'trench' parallel to Scott Street. Each platform had an elevator and stairway to the ground level above; the two sides were connected by an enclosed pedestrian bridge, and the ground-level station area also has platforms for local buses.

On 10 May 2003, an arson at the station inflicted damage estimated at $400,000 to $500,000 CAD. The fire left portions of the station out of service for months.[1][2]

On June 24, 2016, the transitway station was closed for conversion to light rail, and reopened in 2019 as the western terminus of the first phase of the Confederation Line. There are provisions to permit the Confederation Line to extend further west along the transitway in the next stage.



The station is a side platform station built below grade in a cutting. At street level, a broad concourse with two ticket barriers gives access to Scott Street and Tunney's Pasture Driveway. It also provides access within the fare-paid zone to the transitway terminal loop, allowing transfer between the bus and train without having to show a ticket or transfer.

As a terminus station, both platforms are used as arrival and departure platforms. Because of the station's side platform rather than island platform layout, displays on the concourse level are necessary to indicate which platform will next have a train departing.

The station features the artwork Gradient Space by Derek Root, a set of coloured mosaics lining the platform walls accompanied by a stained-glass skylight.[3]



The following routes serve Tunney's Pasture station as of October 6, 2019:[4]

 E1  Shuttle Express
 R1   R2  O-Train replacement bus routes
 98   39  Rapid routes
 N75  Night routes
 40   11  Frequent routes
 55   162  Local routes
 284  Connexion routes
 405  300s: Shopper routes
400s: Event routes
600s: School routes
Additional info:
Stop Routes
East O-Train  
A Peak West  164   251   252   256   257   258   261   262   263   264   265   266   267   268 
B Transitway West  57   61   62   63   64   66   67 
C Rail Replacement  R1   N57   N61   N75 
D Local South/West  11   16   50   51   80   81   86   87   89   153 
E Local East  11   14   16   53   54   56   61   63   66   75 
F Transitway South  73   74   75   82 
G Peak South  270   271   272   273   277   278   282   283   284 
H Scott St. West none


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