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Tunisian Community Center

Founded in 1999, the Tunisian Community Center (Arabic: المركز التّونسيّ الأمريكيّ‎), aka the Tunisian American Center, is a US-based non-profit organization, dedicated to community building and cultural outreach for Tunisian Americans and strengthening Tunisian-American relations. The Tunisian American Center organizes multiple programs and events throughout the nation.

Tunisian Community Center logo.png
Key peopleAli Khemili (founder, Executive Director)
Sami Guedoir (Advisory Board Chairman)
FocusThe Tunisian American community, outreach to Tunisia and strengthening Tunisian-American relations


TCC Chairman at the White House
Congressional statement

The US Senate has recognized Tunisian Americans' contributions in the United States, confirming the long-term American-Tunisian relationship for over two centuries. In 2009 the Tunisian American Day received official endorsement from the United States Congress.

In December of 2011, President Barack Obama honored the Tunisian American Center by inviting the organization's chairman Sami Guedoir, and his wife Nadia, to the White House for a dinner reception.[1]


The Tunisian American Center has organized multiple programs and events. In their support for the Tunisian Revolution's aims toward freedom and democracy, the organization wrote to the US Senator of California Barbara Boxer, requesting to freeze the overthrown President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's assets.[2]

Tunisian American DayEdit

In 2005, The Tunisian American Center established the May 27 Tunisian American Day tradition. It represents a recurring opportunity to celebrate its community and its heritage as well as the enduring Tunisian-American friendship.

Organized in a different US city every year, it is commemorated during a celebration (Arabic: hafla) that coincides with the birthday anniversary of the organization's cultural symbol, Ibn Khaldun. The event includes the Ibn Khaldun Award presentation ceremony as well as live Tunisian music entertainment and catered Tunisian dinner.[3]

Community GazetteEdit

The Community Gazette is a monthly electronic newsletter, containing news and highlights of interest to the Tunisian American community.[4]

Ibn Khaldun InstituteEdit

Life-size bronze bust sculpture of Ibn Khaldun that is part of the collection at the Arab American National Museum (Catalog Number 2010.02). It was commissioned by the Tunisian American Center and created by Patrick Morelli of Albany, New York in 2009.

The Ibn Khaldun Institute, an affiliate of the Tunisian American Center, is a non-partisan, non-profit and secular advocacy type of think tank. Its focus is on the socio-economic development of Tunisia.

It is composed of Tunisian and Tunisian-American professionals in all disciplines, dedicated to promoting business as well as cultural and professional exchanges between the United States and Tunisia. It also connects Tunisian-American professionals with decision-makers in both countries.

The Ibn Khaldun Institute is also an online clearinghouse for information on activities in the United States that aim to promote the development of Tunisia.

The Ibn Khaldun Institute launched the annual Ibn Khaldun Award[5] in 2004, recognizing high achievers who rendered a service to the Tunisian American community. It also launched the Aboulkacem Chebbi Student of the Year award, recognizing future leaders who made their mark through academic achievements and a commitment to excellence, and who demonstrated a high level of effort to promote the Tunisian culture at campuses across America.

Tunisian Student FederationEdit

The Tunisian Student Federation (TSF) is a Tunisian American Center entity that federates Tunisian Student Clubs (TSC) at American university campuses. Its specific mission is to represent the interests of Tunisian students in the United States and serve their needs, while contributing to the overall mission of the organization.[6]

Club Hannibal-USAEdit

The Hannibal-USA Society, an entity within the Tunisian American Center, is a non-partisan,non-profit and secular Advocacy type project. It aims to be a forum for American friends of Tunisia who share their commitment to making Tunisia better known on the American political scene.

The society was named after the legendary Carthaginian general and lawmaker Hannibal Barca, whose genius earned him the title of "father of strategy" and whose vision of world trade inspired generations throughout history. By dispatching its members throughout the United States, the society aims to expand on Barca's vision of world trade and promote Tunisian-American friendship. [7]

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