Tunbridge Walks

Tunbridge Walks is a 1703 comedy play by the English writer Thomas Baker. It starred the droll actor William Pinkethman in a leading role. It is also known by the longer title Tunbridge Walks, or the Yeoman of Kent.

Tunbridge Walks
Tunbridge Walks.jpg
Written byThomas Baker
Date premiered27 January 1703 [1]
Place premieredDrury Lane Theatre
Original languageEnglish
SettingTunbridge Wells, Kent, present day

It was part of a growing trend of British plays set in spa towns.[2] The play features the folk song King John and the Bishop. It was revived numerous times during the eighteenth century at Drury Lane, Covent Garden and Haymarket.

The original Drury Lane cast included John Mills as Loveworth, Robert Wilks as Reynard, Benjamin Johnson as Woodcock, William Pinkethman as Squib, William Bullock as Maiden, Jane Rogers as Belinda, Susanna Verbruggen as Hillaria, Mary Powell as Mrs Goodfellow, Henrietta Moore as Penelope and Jane Lucas as Lucy.


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