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The Tuloy Foundation is a Philippines-based non-government, not-for-profit organization for marginalized children registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996 and licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development to “provide residential care services for disadvantaged children and youth”. It was founded in 1993 by Fr. Marciano "Rocky" G. Evangelista of the Salesians of Don Bosco with ten lay volunteers committed to the cause of poor, abandoned, homeless children. It pursues the charism of St. John Bosco who dedicated himself to the care and training of poor boys in the 19th century.


It traces its history back to 1993, when Fr. Rocky Evangelista, SDB began Tuloy in a small room in St. John Bosco Parish Compound, Makati City with 12 children. Two years later, Tuloy received funding to construct a 3.5-storey building within the compound in Makati. The new building had complete facilities including dorms, study area, dining room, and kitchen. It was able to accommodate up to 130 children at a time.[1]

With the help and approval of the Department of Education, Tuloy designed a curriculum especially for street children. In 1997, Tuloy opened a school able to accommodate a maximum of 230 students. [2] In 2001, Tuloy moved to a 4.5-hectare Streetchildren Village in Alabang, Muntinlupa leased from the Department of Social Welfare and Development. [3][4][5]

Social ProgramsEdit

Tuloy Programs offer complete rehabilitation for street children with a comprehensive approach. Tuloy offers a 6-phase program to ensure a gradual, balanced and systematic approach for the children's growth and development:

  • Residential Program.
  • Food, Clothing, and Shelter.
  • Medical and Dental Services.
  • Spiritual and Moral Formation.
  • Values Formation.
  • Recreation.
  • Crisis Intervention.
  • Individual Therapy and Counseling.
  • Sports and recreation (including an annual week-long summer camp);
  • Nature therapy.
  • Music.
  • Dancing, singing, and acting.
  • Visual arts.
  • Education Program:
  • Automotive Servicing
  • Refrigeration and Air-condition Servicing
  • Building Wiring Installation
  • Baking Science Technology
  • Computer Hardware Servicing
  • Basic Metal Arc Welding (short course)
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dressmaking (Industrial Sewing Machine Operation)

Tuloy CentersEdit

  • Tuloy Oasis Nature Therapy Campsite - Nature therapy campsite located in Borlongan, Magdalena, Laguna
  • Tuloy sa Don Bosco Streetchildren Village - A 4.5-hectare property in Elsie Gaches Village Compound in Alabang
  • Tuloy sa Bahay Bata Angeles City, Pampanga



  • Tuloy Foundation received the 3rd Consuelo Awards of Highest Excellence for outstanding service to the streetchildren of the Philippines.
  • Tuloy sa Don Bosco School won fourth place for the Most Outstanding Literacy Program.


  • Tuloy received the Consuelo Foundation's Award of Highest Excellence.


Fr. Rocky EvangelistaEdit

Fr. Rocky, a Salesian priest, was ordained in 1970 by Pope Paul VI in St. Peter's Square, together with 279 deacons from 65 nations. He does what St. John Bosco tried to do for streetchildren during his time. [3] Fr. Rocky received several prestigious awards including the Presidential Service Award for Service to Children given by the Rotary International; first place honors for Most Outstanding Literacy Worker-national level conducted by the Department of Education. Fr. Rocky, too, became the lead model for the rehabilitation of streetchildren, and named one of the Most Outstanding Citizens of Makati by former Mayor Elenita Binay. He was also conferred the Manuel L. Quezon Award for Exemplary Governance by the Federation of Catholic Schools Alumni/nae Associations. [7] Named as the Captain for the cause of street children by Pres. Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo during her term as Vice President and DSWD Secretary, Fr. Rocky has also been awarded as one of the Outstanding Citizens of Makati for the Year 2000.[citation needed]

Mission StatementEdit

We aim to be a center of excellence in the reintegration of street children into mainstream society through a comprehensive program of caring, healing, and teaching. [9]

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